This option includes only the birth photos and the photoshoot can be downloaded in high definition.

R$ 3.500,00


This option includes both the photos and a video of the birth about 5-minutes long.

R$ 4.500,00


This option includes: photos and video of the birth, plus a newborn life style photoshoot at your home around 10 to 30 days after the birth. The work will be printed in a 25x25 cm photo album with up to 40 pictures.

R$ 6.500,00



After getting in touch through email or WhatsApp we will arrange an in-person meeting, preferably at the location where the birth will take place, so that we can get to know one another better and to chat about the preparation, the support team and other details about the birth day. And also so we can get on the same page about the expectations of the photoshoot.

The Call

Once the contract is signed I'll be on call, ready to answer any day when labor gets under way. I'll give you my phone number, as well as my wife's so that you can reach me. I'll be notified by the labor team about the right time to arrive for the photos.

The Work

I'll have my eyes ready to register all the important and meaningful moments of the labor and birth, as subtly and discretely as possible so not to interfere with such a special moment being experienced by the family. My goal is to capture images that tell the story of your child's birth, and that will keep forever all the details that made it such a unique event.

The Results

The product will be a collection of photos that will depend in number on how long the labor process was.

Ana Clara

Ana Clara arrives surrounded by love. Humane labor support.